Chapter 7
Developmental Stages Milestones 1-2 Years

Babies continue to grow and achieve milestones in ages one to two. Again, there is a wide variability to what is normal.

MILESTONES | 1 - 2 YEARS AREAS OF CONCERN Atypical behaviors 13 -14 month-olds Atypical behaviors in 15 - 16 month-olds Atypical behaviors in 17 - 18 month-olds Atypical behaviors in 20-22 month-olds Atypical behaviors in 2 year olds Treatment interventions can be done by the therapist with follow-through with the caregivers. It should be noted that it is often difficult for the most loving of caregivers to provide all the therapy interventions that may be needed at this point. It is at this stage that the parent should be allowed to parent, and the therapist become the more one-to-one intervention provider. The use of therapeutic balls and balance, bolsters, swings, small ride-on toys in addition to mat work and developmental sequences may begin during this time period and carried forward into more advanced ages.

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