Chapter 13
Patellofemoral Joint: Anatomy, Biomechanics, Rehab

  1. Anatomy
    Quadriceps and other soft tissues

  2. Biomechanics

    Functions of the patella:
    Patellofemoral contact areas (Insall):
    Dynamic biomechanics: Patellofemoral joint reaction forces:

  3. Patellofemoral evaluation

    Factors related to patellar dysfunction:

  4. Treatment

    General Principles:
    Acute Phase:
    Sub-acute phase:
    Return to activity:

  5. Operative treatment
    Type I: subluxation: may require only a lateral release to adequately reduce; may need VMO advancement and/or medial transfer of the tibial tubercle, especially with increased Q angle; anteromedial transfer may be needed with Type IC to realign and unload PF joint

    Type II: subluxation with tilt: IIA & IIB may respond to lateral release alone; may also need proximal and/or distal realignment; IIC will need as above

    Type III: tilt alone: IIIA & IIIB respond well to lateral release alone; IIIC as above

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